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Could you imagine?

I just read this Slate Magazine article about the elderly couple, Dorothy & “Bob,” who had the audacity to fall in love & have sex. What a tragic story! How awful it must be to have dementia, and then have your family & friends tear you away from the only person truly familiar to you. Despite her dementia, Dorothy experienced all the classic signs of heartbreak:

“..Dorothy stopped eating. She lost 21 pounds, was treated for depression, and was hospitalized for dehydration. When Bob was finally moved out of the facility in January, she sat in the window for weeks waiting for him. She doesn’t do that anymore, though: ‘Her Alzheimer’s is protecting her at this point,’ says her doctor, who thinks the loss might have killed her if its memory hadn’t faded so mercifully fast.”

I am having difficulty recovering from a breakup at age 28; can you imagine having to deal with this at 82, and so unnecessarily?

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