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No, you’re NOT “just like me”

What a nightmare. The success of America’s new Republican friend represents everything wrong with race relations in America right now.

I can’t count how many things irritated me about her performance in the vice presidential debate, but I was especially irritated at her “Just like you” crap. Think of the implications of this!

So, once again, her pitch is that we should vote for her because she, a white woman, best represents America, instead of the scary “other,” represented by Barack. Arrrgh!!! When will this stop? I am tired!

For years, black & white women have had an uncomfortable relationship. Going back to slavery, when the house slave was usually a black woman who performed all the same functions as the “wife” but without the legitimacy, there has always been the assumption that, as a black woman, or as a black person, you could do as well as a white person or even better — but it will never count for anything.

Ms. Sarah is yet another “white girl” whose rise to the top is meteoric almost unbelievable — if you didn’t consider America’s racial history and who she’s running against.

She is undeniably wrong, however. Instead of an elite, exclusionary “white Suburban woman” message (if I hear “hockey mom” one more time I will SCREAM), Barack represents and embodies everything we need to move forward in this country. Barack really is America, and everyone, black white or whatever, can see themselves in his face. This is so plainly obvious to me that I don’t understand why we even have to have discussions like this.

I’ve got to go find something happy to write about!

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