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Rachel Getting Married [And She Needs a Therapist]

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I saw Rachel Getting Married, and I agree with critics that it’s a well-done film–just DON’T SIT IN THE FRONT ROW. We were sick for two hours after the film, due to the horribly shaky camera work. (A Steadicam, please!)

Anne Hathaway is great as Kym, the addictive “star” of the family, whose erratic behavior threatens to upstage Rachel’s wedding. The film is great, but I love that it highlights that the addict isn’t by herself in her problems. The whole family suffers from whatever makes Kym who she is. The film is especially brilliant in its depiction of these themes without beating viewers over the head with them.

I’ve known a couple families of addicts, and everyone seems to act like it’s “their” problem, to be hush-hushed about and rarely discussed. This is the biggest lie there is. There are all kinds of dynamics at work, from the “star” relishing his/her “addict” role to the other family members who get off on being the “healthy” ones. I also see this every time I watch “Intervention” although admittedly, I don’t watch it very often. After the episode where the mom regularly served drinks to her alcoholic daughter, that was it for me, really.

Hopefully the newer, more enlightened approach to addiction treatment recognizes a need to treat the *whole family,* not just the addict.

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