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In my previous posts about celebrity grief, I failed to point out something that some would consider a bit weird, given my stance on public grieving: I don’t watch the news. At all. On television I don’t watch much except reruns of my favorite shows & movies, a few comedies, or a “guilty pleasures” like Bridezillas or something. That’s it. I can’t stand television news and haven’t voluntarily watched it since the election (and the election before that) and maybe a presidential address or two. All the news I get is what I read online.

So, when asked if the media “overdoes” celebrity grief, my answer is an unequivocal “yes!” I haven’t watched a single “live news” coverage of Michael; the news spreads faster online anyway. And even online news is bothering me lately (tributes, pictures, custody fights, lurid autopsy details) so I have escaped that as well. I still stand by what I said about people needing to grieve for public figures. It sounds conflicting, but it makes sense to me.

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